Triple Drum

Triple Drum 1.5m (5ft) Diameter x 4.6m (16ft) wide We realise that one size does not suit all and that all farms are not born equal. So if our standard sizes don’t suit, Pluck’s can manufacture to any size you like. Any width, any diameter, any plate thickness, and even, any colour.

  • 26.6 Tones of Roller
  • Covering 6.0 meters (20ft) per pass
  • 350 Hp needed.
  • 21.3 Tons of Roller
  • Covering 4.6 meters (15ft1”) per pass
  • 12.8 Tons of Roller
  • Covering 4.6m (15ft1”) per pass.

10 Year

Built to Last, thats why we offer an incredible 10 year warranty on all our roller products. Our rollers have been designed, built and used since 1966 to withstand the toughest conditions and provide unbeatable performance in the field.