Effluent Screens

Enhance your productivity and reduce your carbon footprint with Plucks Engineering's self-cleaning ADR Rotary Screen only 0.4kW. This system is compatible with centre pivot effluent injection, delivers cleaner, compliant resources on farms with a screening capacity down to 1mm and can manage up to 2000 cows. It guarantees processing rates of up to 30m³/hr (8 litres/sec). The self-cleaning and low-maintenance features increase both convenience and reliability. With the efficient Geared-Motor Drive, running costs are remarkably low at just $1.92 per day at $0.20 per kilowatt.

The Pluck's engineering system delivers a cleaner and compliant resource by offering efficient and reliable screening capabilities. The system is designed to provides fine particle screening down to 1mm, ensuring high-quality effluent output. Despite its high capacity, the effluent system requires low power at 0.4kW, making it a very energy-efficient choice for your farm. "Plucks ADR Rotary Screen cost $1.92 per day to run @ $0.20 per kilowatt"

Ideal for high solids content in dairy effluent applications, such as feedpads or barn setups. It has a fine screening ability down to 0.5mm and high throughput, with models ranging from 20 to 50m³/hr. Power consumption ranges from 1.5 to 5.5kW. The wedge-wire screen prevents clogs for efficient operation and produces dry solids.