Concrete Infrastructure

Plucks Engineering excels in effluent concrete infrastructure, providing secure containment, efficient solids capture, and customisable solutions with screening bunkers, stone traps, and ENVIRO SAUCER™ design.

Plucks Engineering can design and project manage and install both concrete and steel infrastructure. We can also design and oversee the installation of underground services.

Plucks Engineering has a long-standing history of designing and installing stone traps that are both tractor friendly and effective in minimising sludge and solids passing through to your pond, resulting in cleaner stored effluent with next to no sludge and crust buildup.



Plucks Engineered dairy effluent fibre bunkers are built to contain the heavy solids that our ADR 500 screens filter out. They are designed to contain the solids and leachate produced by the screening plant. They have levels and a drain guiding leachate and rainwater back to the stone trap. They are spill-proof for clean and efficient operation.

There's nothing worse than machinery letting you down at the critical moment. Don't settle for imitations.

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