Effluent Irrigation

Plucks Engineering Rotating Boom Travelling Irrigators for water and effluent operate at very light application depths. The system boasts a high flow rate while requiring low pump pressure, allowing for variable application depths with high distribution uniformity. It’s simple to operate and maintain, with a proven design for reliable service. It complies with Dairy NZ Effluent Design Standards, ensuring high quality and safe operation.

Plucks Engineering LP35E effluent irrigator has the most accurate and even spread across the wetted width of any travelling effluent irrigator in NZ. It has a long and shorter boom, with a single deflector to create a very even application spread while passing along your paddock. It flows at 6 litres/sec at 2 bar pressure and can cover a 300m run with a 30m wetted width. Depths of application range from 4-11mm per pass with a very high distribution uniformity of DU0.79. This irrigator meets the Dairy NZ Code of Practice effluent design.

Are you in possession of an older model of the Plucks travelling irrigator?

Pre-2010 model owners can buy upgrade kits for current performance. This will result in higher distribution uniformity through wider wetted width and lower application depths. Retrofitting these kits on the farm is easy and convenient for farmers to meet Dairy NZ standards.

Plucks Engineering specialises in the design and installation of effluent mainline systems. We are experts in effluent mainline systems, ensuring efficient wastewater management. We design effluent distribution systems tailored for your farm.

Efficient designs are recommended to minimise pumping costs. Compliance with Dairy NZ effluent design standards and the code of practice is crucial. We specialise in supplying high-quality pipe, fittings, and effluent pumps, valves, and pipelines.

The benefits of the RXP K-Line™ system for effluent irrigation. The system uses hoses and sprinkler-pods to irrigate low-rate effluent, whether screened or unscreened. The sprinklers have a low application rate, saving water. Timer-based controls ensure precise depths and multiple pods cover a large area. Easy to move, assemble, and use on any terrain or paddock shape. Can be integrated with mobile irrigation systems.


1 Year

Pluck's water irrigators assure years of reliable service and come with a 12-month Manufacturer's Warranty