Benic Calf Trailers

Plucks Engineering, the New Zealand agents for Benic Trailers, offers a Calf Trailers designed with input from farmers and veterinarians to improve calf transport and handling. These trailers reduce handling time by 50%, requiring calves to be lifted only once from the ground and an impossible to overload.

Adjustable rails cater to different breeds, keeping calves secure and minimising injury risks during loading and unloading. The design also reduces the risk of navel infections by providing a hygienic and secure environment, facilitates easier tagging, and offers stress-free access to calf navels while preventing cross-contamination.

Transport: up to 20 calves Front end loading quick hitch

Trailer by herd Size: Approx 900 Cow Herd = 35 born per day

Double rail size: 20 Calf Trailer


Transport: up to 15 calves

Towed mass: 750kg

Trailer by herd Size: Approx 600 Cow Herd = 25 born per day

Single sized: 15 Calf Trailer

ansport: up to 20-30 calves

Double sized: 20 Calf Trailer

Double sized: 30 Calf Trailer

Trailer by herd Size: Call for further details



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