About Us

Pluck’s Engineering is a 58 year old Agricultural Engineering Business Based in Rakaia, New Zealand, founded in 1966.

Our focus is on the production and repair of a diverse selection of agricultural machinery, such as cultivation tools, drilling equipment, heavy water ballast land rollers, square bale feeders, and general repairs for a wide range of agricultural machinery.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of Dairy Effluent products, such as Concrete Enviro Saucers, Pumps, Rafts, Main Line, Travelling Irrigators, Pond Stirrers, and Screening equipment, complete with installation options.

Our products are distributed in New Zealand and exported to Australia, Brazil, Chile, UK, and the UAE.

We import and distribute of a range of Canadian built cultivation and drilling machinery from Morris Industries, Saskatoon.

Workmanship & Skills Development

The high level of quality workmanship is something we pride ourselves on for every job and machine we produce. In our workshop, most of our 15 staff members are Tradesmen, and we always have at least one apprentice under the guidance of our very skilled tradesmen.

Quality & Value

We consider ourselves accountable to our customers and anyone who utilises our products. Maintaining the highest quality is a must for our products. Our focus is on producing, developing, and supplying products of the highest quality, ensuring our customers get the best value in the marketplace. Our focus is on providing customers with efficient, courteous service, and prompt deliveries.

LEAN & Health & Safety

Plucks Engineering is a LEAN manufacturing business, and we take pride in our Health and Safety systems, which prioritise staff safety both in the workshop and during installations or repairs.

Our responsibility extends to the men and women who work alongside us in the workshop and offices. We aim to provide stable employment, fair pay, reasonable hours, and a clean and safe work environment. Our company offers a well-structured system for employees to voice their suggestions and complaints. We are committed to offering chances for training and advancement to qualified individuals.


Community Commitment

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and actively support various local organisations, events, schools, and charities while paying our fair share of taxes.

Many of our employees engage in committees and volunteer boards for different groups and clubs.

Our active involvement includes promoting civic improvement and keeping the community informed about our work.

History, Today and the Future

Pluck's Engineering has been in the Pluck Family's hands since Graham and Glenis Pluck purchased the company as a going concern from Tom Gaylor and Bob Grigg in 1966. Neil and Lynley Pluck purchased the company off them in 2006.

The business was originally a Blacksmith shop and we believe it has been trading since pre 1900 in Rakaia through various owners.

The Pluck family take great pride in owning this company and its history and especially enjoys maintaining the very high standard of workman-ship and products it has always sold or produced.

We, the current owners continue to drive the research and development side of the business with a constant eye on the future of farming and which direction it is going. In doing so help to give New Zealand farming direction, in a small way, by not only manufacturing what our customers want but also looking ahead to what sort of equipment they might need in the future, as farming continues to change over the years.


Core Values

Embodying Our Principles

I. Values

We see ourselves as responsible to our customers and all others who use our products to the standard we expect from our suppliers.

II. Authenticity

We believe in providing customers with prompt, efficient and courteous service at fair value, and manufacture our products to stand the test of time.

III. Enjoyment

As tradespeople, we enjoy visualising in our mind and then manufacturing with our hands our customer's products.

IV. Trust

Plucks have created and continues to maintain trust from both our customers and suppliers. We do not take this for granted.

V. Excellence

We pride ourselves on a very high level of quality workmanship on every job we do, and the machinery we produce.

VI. Waste

We take pride in our longstanding partnerships with scrap dealers dating back to 1966 and are diligent in processing waste oil and recycling plastic and cardboard materials.

VII. Customers

Several of Pluck’s customer connections span three, sometimes four generations. We have cultivated and very much enjoy these endur-ing relationships with our customers across New Zealand since 1966.

VIII. Well-being

Plucks have a comprehensive Health and Safety System within the company with regular monitoring and training for our staff.


Company Director

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