Since 1966, Plucks Engineering has been at the forefront of innovative engineering solutions, including our special ENVIRO SAUCER™ storage pond. Designed by Certified Professional Engineers, these reinforced concrete ponds offer capacities from 20 to 900m³ and feature a unique saucer shape for efficient stirring and easy maintenance, meeting the highest standards of durability and environmental compliance.

  • Storage pond of special ENVIRO SAUCER™ design.
  • Storage capacities from 20 to 900m³.
  • Structural design/specification by Certified Professional Engineer.
  • Reinforced concrete construction.
  • Special saucer shape for efficient stirring.
  • Smooth lining finish for easy house-keeping.
  • Permeability rating of lining exceeds council requirements (less than 1.0 x 10¯⁹m/s).
  • Materials and construction to relevant NZS building standards.
  • 50+ years design life.