General Engineering

Plucks Engineering, with over 50 years of experience, specialises in general and large-scale projects like irrigation control gates, dairy shed frameworks, and fish screens for irrigation canals, and offers dairy shed repair services. Their skilled tradesmen provide excellent quality fabrication and workmanship, supported by HIAB 4X4 trucks for lifting jobs and custom-built durable excavator attachments. They also supply a wide range of teeth, tips, and adaptors to meet diverse needs.

Plucks Engineering, being a busy general engineering workshop carries a wide range of engineering supplies both for our own use and for sale to the general public.

We carry a wide range of bearings, bolts (metric & imperial), V-belts, transmission chain, pipe fittings, agricultural pins, PTO shafts, mower blades, consumables and much more. We also have the expertise and contacts to source unusual or hard to find items.

Large Scale Engineering Projects

Plucks Engineering have experience in large scale engineering projects such as irrigation control gates, large dairy shed framework and irrigation canal fish screens.

With skilled, welding ticketed tradesmen Plucks offers you the confidence of good quality fabrication and workmanship with any large scale engineering project.


At Plucks Engineering, our busy general engineering workshop stocks a comprehensive range of engineering supplies, catering both to our own needs and those of the general public. Our inventory includes a wide variety of bearings, bolts (both metric and imperial), V-belts, transmission chains, pipe fittings, agricultural pins, PTO shafts, mower blades, consumables, and much more. Additionally, our expertise and extensive network of contacts enable us to source even the most unusual or hard-to-find items.

Dairy Shed Repairs

Plucks Engineering have skilled tradesmen that are able to repair even the most challenging dairy shed repair project. We can repair dairy shed yard fences, cattle crushes, stainless milking equipment, backing gates and any on site welding repairs.

With our Hiab truck no lifting job is to difficult also fitted with a generator so site power is never a problem.

Machinery Attachments

Plucks Engineering can manufacture buckets and attachments for all different sizes of excavators.

We can custom build hoppers, root rakes, rippers, screening buckets and any other attachment you require. We use hardened steel for all side and front cutting edges and have a large selection of teeth, tips and adaptors.

Truck Repairs

Plucks Engineering have skilled tradesmen that are able to repair even the most challenging truck or trailer repair project. With our ticketed welders all repairs can be certified in accordance with current COF and WOF standards.

Also we can manufacture and repair large agricultural trailers and supply all sizes of hubs, stubs, rims and tyres.

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Hydraulic Hoses

Plucks Engineering is proud to be an agent for Hydraulink hose and fittings. Hydraulink is a leading New Zealand manufacturer and importer of quality fittings and hoses. We stock a wide range of common hose and fittings and can repair or replace most hoses on the spot. We also have the experience and expertise to help with the more complex hydraulic problems such as extra high pressure hoses, unusual fittings and hydraulic ram repair or replacement.