Double Water Ballast Land Rollers 5.9mx1.5m each

  • Rolling Width - 5.9 Meters (19.5ft)
  • Moving to Paddock width Folded up – 3.6 Meters (12ft)
  • Individual Roller weights. Full – 8500 Kgs each
  • Individual Roller weights. Empty – 2610 Kgs each
  • Axle sizes both Rollers – 100mm (4”)
  • Rolling plate thicknesses available in – 16mm (5/8”) or 20mm  (3/4”) or 25mm (1”)

This Double Land Roller setup covers 5.9 meters (19.5 ft) per pass and folds to a narrow 3.6 meters (12 ft) for easy transport between paddocks. Each roller measures 3.0 meters (10 ft) by 1.5 meters (5 ft) and comes in 16mm, 20mm, or 25mm plate thicknesses. They weigh 8500 kg full and 2600 kg empty.

Both are Water Ballast Rollers, allowing for adjustable weight by filling or emptying water to achieve the desired ground effect. Equipped with a 100mm (4”) axle on greaseable bearings and a very heavy-duty frame, these rollers are built to last, proven by 58 years of Heavy Roller manufacturing excellence.

The front roller features a very heavy robust frame and an extendable A-frame for off-centre towing, along with a swing-out towing frame for the rear roller to maintain towing balance and ensure straight towing. Setup in your paddock takes just a few minutes: Simply move two pins, drive the tractor forward and to the right, then reverse to the left. Folding back into transport position is simply the reverse process.

The rollers can also be towed individually if needed. If your current roller is in good order but just too narrow, you can purchase just one new roller and Plucks double roller towing frame and attach your existing roller to the rear.



Why buy a Plucks Land Roller?

  • A Land Roller that won't let you down at the critical moment. Built to last for multiple generations.
  • Prepared and welded together by our qualified tradesmen to NZ welding standard (AS/NZS 2980) using a multiple run welding technique.
  • Our Roller sales experts will help you choose from a range of plate thicknesses, diameters, weights and widths to suit your farm requirements.
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What size Heavy Roller do I need?

Size will be determined by:

  • Stone size - how big your stones are will affect what plate thickness you need:
    - 16mm (shingle up to fist size)
    - 20mm (fist up to pumpkin)
    - 25mm (rugby ball or bigger)
    - no stones or swampy
  • Horsepower of tractor; it's important to match your towing capacity to the weight of roller
  • If your land has rolling, undulating hills or it's flat (if your tractor is 4WD, this also influences the roller model).

There's nothing worse than machinery letting you down at the critical moment. Don't settle for imitations.

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Pluck’s Heavy Roller Brochure

The complete guide and go-to source for everything you need to know about Pluck's Heavy Land Rollers.