3.6m x 1.5m x 20mm Land Roller

This Range of Heavy Water Ballast Land Rollers of ours has become a lot more popular in recent years where a farmer needs a good wide land roller but not the weight of our bigger range.

  • Coverage - 3.6 meters (12ft) per pass
  • Frame width - 4.1 meters (13ft6”)
  • Diameter – 1.5M (5ft)
  • Roller Plate thickness – 16mm(5/8) or 20mm (3/4)  or 25mm (1”)
  • Weight Full - 10200 Kgs
  • Weight Empty - 3200Kgs
  • Axle size - 150mm (6”)

Unique to Pluck’s is our very heavy duty 150mm Axle, because we know that from 48 years of manufacturing Land Rollers that with wider rollers the crown in your road between farms or your lane ways can be the reason that most heavy land roller axles break or at the very least cause your roller to crack around the centre area of the two drums. So we will only manufacture our 3.6 meter (12ft) wide range with 150mm (6”) axles.

This range of rollers have exactly the same axle and bearing setup as our far bigger diameter rollers (1.930 m or 6ft4” models) so this makes them trouble free for life on your farm.

They can be manufactured out of any size plate thickness from 16mm, up to 25mm if you have very stony or rocky ground.