3.0m x 1.5m x 20mm Land Roller

3.0M (10ft) x 1.5M (5ft) x 16mm (5/8”) or 20mm (3/4”) or 25mm (1”)

This is one of the sizes in our standard range of smaller Heavy Water Ballast Land Rollers at 1.5M (5ft) diameter and as is standard with all Pluck’s rollers it has twin drums. It is very popular where a farmer needs a good sized land roller but only needs a smaller roller because his farm has very good soil that has very few if any rocks or boulders that need pushing back in. If your farm has irrigation and you can pick your ground conditions that suit Land Rolling best  i.e. just after the irrigator has been over your paddock. Our heavier and bigger diameter rollers maybe too heavy for those type of conditions, whereas these smaller diameter rollers are perfect.

As is standard with Pluck’s Engineering we have over engineered the axle area using all of our 48 years of experience of manufacturing Land Rollers. We have as standard a huge 100mm (4”) axle that is fixed by a very big and solid clamp to one of the rollers two drums and the other drum is greasable and free to turn at a slightly different speed to the axle as your roller turns the corners etc. Our roller axles are one piece HT steel from one side of the roller to the other and no welding on them or to them at all, so they never break!

  • Coverage - 3.0 meters (10ft) per pass
  • Frame width – 3.550 meters (11ft8”)
  • Diameter – 1.5M (5ft)
  • Roller Plate thickness – 16mm (5/8) or 20mm (3/4) or 25mm (1”)
  • End Plate thickness 10mm (3/8”)
  • Axle size - 100mm (4”)
  • Weight Full - 8545 Kgs
  • Weight Empty - 2610Kgs

They can be manufactured out of any size plate thickness from 16mm, 20mm, up to 25mm if you have very stony or rocky ground.  Our standard size for this model of rollers is 16mm (5/8”) roller plate.

Why buy a Plucks Land Roller?

  • A Land Roller that won't let you down at the critical moment. Built to last for multiple generations.
  • Prepared and welded together by our qualified tradesmen to NZ welding standard (AS/NZS 2980) using a multiple run welding technique.
  • Our Roller sales experts will help you choose from a range of plate thicknesses, diameters, weights and widths to suit your farm requirements.
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What size Heavy Roller do I need?

Size will be determined by:

  • Stone size - how big your stones are will affect what plate thickness you need:
    - 16mm (shingle up to fist size)
    - 20mm (fist up to pumpkin)
    - 25mm (rugby ball or bigger)
    - no stones or swampy
  • Horsepower of tractor; it's important to match your towing capacity to the weight of roller
  • If your land has rolling, undulating hills or it's flat (if your tractor is 4WD, this also influences the roller model).

There's nothing worse than machinery letting you down at the critical moment. Don't settle for imitations.

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Pluck’s Heavy Roller Brochure

The complete guide and go-to source for everything you need to know about Pluck's Heavy Land Rollers.