3.6m – 17 Tine Cultivator

Designed from its beginnings by Plucks Engineering, the Plucks built range of Heavy Cultivator incorporates a Canadian manufactured auto reset trip leg assembly. These auto reset trip leg assemblies are set to activate at 755-lb (340kg) pressure on the points. When this pressure is met and overloaded the leg will trip. However, the pressure on the point only slightly increases for a short distance of the leg stroke. It then starts to decrease, but only to 650 pound (295kg) at 11 inches (270mm) of lift.

Trip and Leg assembly

This trip system and leg assembly achieves a number of things on your Cultivator.

1. Because the trip will not allow the leg to move from its working position until it meets a greater resistance, your cultivation depth is maintained all the time across all of the points.

2. The legs are solid two inch x inch and a quarter (50mm x 32mm) high tensile steel, this means they will stay straight whilst in the ground so they will not swerve around a tough weed, root or tuft of grass etc whether you are using sweeps (very wide points) or spikes.

3. Again because of the trip pressure keeping the leg where it should be, this means you are not towing the spring pressure that builds up in conventional flexi type tines. You are only towing the ground/earth resistance on the point, without the flexi tine trying to pull itself straight again. This creates huge savings in tractor engine, transmission and tyre wear, also savings on your diesel. More importantly you could tow a wider cultivator with the same horse power tractor. Because the legs stay put whilst carrying a point of any width (2 to 12 inch) you will have all the ground moved, cultivated and mixed right across the width of the machine.

Combinations of Points

It has been found that on an extremely hard surface all that is needed is one pass with the spike type points to loosen up the top, then a second pass with the sweep points to prepare the ground ready for drilling. If the ground is a little freer there will be no need for the use of spikes’ or what has become very popular with our clients is a combination of spike points (2 inches wide) on the front row, 8 to 10 inch wide penetrator sweep points on the middle row, then 12 inch wide penetrator sweeps on the back row, then finally Morris 4 row finger harrows on the rear of the cultivator.

What this does for you is the equivalent of a number of passes in Just one pass. Because the narrow points on the front open up the ground by ripping about 2 to 4 inch slots through the paddock, then the middle row sweeps start to cut off and mix, then the back row because they are very wide points (but with most of the ground already moved) cut off, mix and turn what is left. Finally and easily the harrows mix in what is left on the surface and leave the paddock flat and ready to drill.


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