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The Benic Calf Trailer introduces the new generation in calf transport, engineered for efficiency and comfort, where staff well-being and calf health are at the front of the design innovation.

Transport: up to 15 calves

Towed mass: 750kg

Trailer by herd Size: Approx 600 Cow Herd = 25 born per day

Single sized: 15 Calf Trailer

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Key Advantages

1. Cut Handling by Over 50%

Streamline your workflow with our Benic Trailers, which ensures efficient calf transport, significantly reducing the time and effort required because you only have to lift the calf once.

2. Impossible to Overload with Calves

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your Benic Trailer is designed to handle the correct number of calves through the individual slings, eliminating concerns about overloading.

3. Adjustable Chest and Rump Rails

All models of Benic trailers cater for different breeds by having adjustable chest and rump rails for longer or shorter breeds.

4. Adjustable Neck Rail

All models of Benic Trailers have an adjustable overhead neck rail that ensures your calves stay snuggly in position once loaded.

5. Massive Reduction in Staff and Calf Injuries

through a design that minimises the risk of injuries during loading and unloading. You only lift your calves once from below your knees; once

your calf is loaded onto the Benic trailer, all your lifting is now at your hip height. No more climbing in the trailer, standing up and lifting slippery calves, no more wrestling calves in awkward places, no more bending and stretching. Your calves are happy with significantly reduced handling and are snuggly secured in the slings.

6. Far Less Risk of Navel Infection

Benic Trailer’s innovative individual sling system provides a hygienic and secure environment, significantly lowering the risk of navel infections—no More Stacking in like sardines, lying and falling over each other on your trailer.

7. Easy Trailer Handling for Tagging & Tubing

Effortlessly manage tagging and tubing with a design that presents all the heads facing the same way back at the shed at a comfortable working height.

8. Stress-Free Navel Treatment

Easy access to your calf navels while resting in their slings; slings are designed to ensure no cross-contamination between calves.

Beyond Efficiency

Comfortable Transportation

Each calf is fully supported and transported in a hygienically clean, comfortable, and secure manner, reducing the likelihood of injury and infection.

Weather-Protection Design

Our solid headboard protects against wind chill and mud during the transition from paddock to shed, ensuring the well-being of your calves.

Innovative Sling-Rail System

Patented comfortable, strong, and robust slings made from weatherproof fabric secure each calf, providing comfortable support during transport.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The Benic Trailer system is designed for easy loading and unloading, requiring Staff to bend down only once throughout the entire process.

Tailored to Your Farm

Choose from various Benic model options to suit your farm, including tow-behind, Euro-Hitch front-end loader model and 3-point linkage, and different designs for varying herd sizes.

Anti-Rollback Latch

Overhead sling rails have built-in anti-rollback latches to ensure your calves don’t move around while in transit.

Built to Last

Crafted in Plucks Engineering workshop in Rakaia to the high NZ standard (AS/NZS 2980), our trailers are fully hot dip galvanised inside and out for decades of corrosion protection.

What Trailer size do I need?

Before selecting the ideal calf trailer, ponder these crucial factors for a seamless fit:

Consider the starting date of your calving season, aligning your choice with the demands of your operation, and when you would need to order a Benic Calf Trailer, then speak to Plucks Engineering in advance.

There's nothing worse than machinery letting you down at the critical moment. Don't settle for imitations.

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